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School equipment

FKS equipment is continously on top!

We are always working with new equipment. Every year the equipment is changed to provide the latest technology for your safety and to help you to progress faster.

We have all the equipment adapted for all the builds, and all the levels.


F ONE Inflatables Kites

We have all kite sizes from 4 to 14 m2, to adapt the kite surface according to the wind forecast.





The Boards:

Our F-ONE boards are of different sizes to be able to adapt to the different student’s build.



FKS use powerkite according to the wind forecast and the student level.




Harness and accessories:



Damage on the school Equipment

You will be responsible of all the equipment that will be entrust with you.

Be aware that if you are listening the instructor instruction, there will be no breakage. Of course all the small damage will be taken in charge by the school.

If you are not listening to the instructor and that lead to a big breakage on the equipment, you will have to pay for the repair.


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