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The “+” FKS

Your IKO kiteboarder card

When you will have completed your course a IKO kiteboarder card will be delivered to you, certifying your kiteboarding level.

Teaching with all the safety equipment

Helmet, lifejacket, and latest kitesurfing equipment, with full safety release.




The school is MOBILE to be able to teach in the best wind conditions to provide the best learning conditions.

Wind warranty

The bad weather conditions are mainly related to a very light wind or to a violent wind. They are not related to the air or water temperature.

In case of bad weather conditions : Wind below 6 knots, or more than 28knots, the instructor is the only one to decide if  the lesson will be delayed.

The two first lessons can be done with very light wind. The next lessons we will need more constant wind (10-15 knots) according to the student’s one build!

Be aware that :

  • The only goal is to help you improve in order to become autonomous, as fast as possible.
  • If the wind conditions are considered not good for the lesson, the lesson will be delayed.


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