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Safety Code


Rules to be applied at anytime

1- Check the weather forecast, on special website, like windguru or windfinder.

2- Monitor the spot, look for any potential dangerous items on the spot (like trees, rocks, cars, sludge, swimmers, people on the beach…).

3- Try as much as you can to get together with the other kitesurfers to launch and land the kite. Do not hesitate to move if there is some obstacle or wind gust to launch and land your kite.

4- To launch and land your kite, asking another kitesurfer is better than asking any people on the beach.

5- Before launching your kite on land or in the water be sure that there is nobody nor anything down wind.

6- Do not forget that your kite is far away from you (25m), check the distance before landing.

7- Your kite must have a safety system, that fully depowers the kite when activate.

8- Always attach your security leash before launching, and remove it when the kite is landed and in a secure position, never before.

9- Learn how your safety system works in light wind, before common use.

10- Try as much as possible to wear the safety equipment such as helmet, buoyancy aid, sun glasses…

11- Always use a kite size adapted to the wind power and to your level.

12- Always have in mind that a kite can develop incredible power, and can be dangerous if it is not under control.

13- Do not hesitate to ask the help and advice of other kitesurfers.

14. Do not kite further than you can swim

Another way to put this is “always know your limits.” By not kiting further away from shore than you can swim, puts into perspective that no matter how good at kiting we are, we are just a swimmer when we lose the kite. Kites can get away from us or breakdown and become useless.

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