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Discover Kiteboarding and elevate your water sports experience!

The IKO Kiteboarding programs are designed to help you learn in a safe way while your IKO Instructor respects your rhythm and takes you through all the steps so you can reach your goals.

Kiteboarder’s handbook

This fantastic edition is like no other. It follows the updated IKO Student Standards and has been expanded to 80 pages full of great explanations, pictures and diagrams. Updated quizzes at the end of each level will test your student’s knowledge and make sure that you’ve done a good job! It is the perfect companion while learning or teaching kiteboarding. Now available in FLO Kite school.

Your level will be certified with your IKO Member Card at the end of your lesson, or when you can successfully move on to the next level of riding! You can also keep a more in depth record of your development in the Handbook, having your instructor sign off on all individual skills as you master them.

IKO level 1

IKO level 2

IKO level 3

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