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Lesson in detail

The meeting point and day is scheduled 1 day before the course, according to the weather forecast.

The course will be paid at your arrival on the spot before the first lesson.

During our first meeting we will determinate your expectations and goals.

First Theoretical briefing:

Talk about the site and the wind, its direction, strength…

Attribution of the equipment: Choose your harness and accessories needed during the course.

We are ready to start!

Get acquainted with the Kite: How to rig it and How to fly it.

  • Use the Trainer kite (2 lines) to learn the full range of flying and safety skills, without having to deal with power.
  • Fly the kite on land and discover the wind window and its power zones.
  • Start with the 4 line kite

Get your lines ready and inflate the kite.

How to use the Safety system of your kite.

Launch and land the kite with the help of your partner and on your own.

Use the communications signs.

Fly the kite in shallow water.

Fly the kite in the water.

How to relaunch the kite from the water.

Some students will be able to complete all those items in the first lesson others will need two lessons. We do not all have the same abilities, but anyone can do it!

End of the course

Evaluation of the day with the instructor, it’s time for a well-deserved shower.

Plan the next lesson together.

Other days

The next day’s course program will depend on:

  • the weather conditions
  • your improvement speed
  • your needs
  •  your tiredness

Following is the content of the courses and the technical level you can reach after a  4 day course ( approx 16 hours).

  1. All parameters to be taken into account for the choice of the site and the wind.
  2. All procedures and information related to safety (see Kitesurf Safety Code).
  3. How to choose the gear, and set it up on your own.
  4. Assisted and autonomous launching.
  5. Control of the kite, and understand the wind window.
  6. Assisted and autonomous landing.
  7. Body dragging.
  8. Relaunching the kite from the water.
  9. Get back to the beach with the kite and bar packed.
  10. Sail underpowered, doing figure- eights with the kite to get power
  11. Sail the kite with normal power.
  12. First contact with the board
  13. Water start.
  14. Sail with a 4 line kite, and the board on your feet.
  15. Control the speed while kiting.

The usual level reached by most students at the end of 2 a day course is between point 7 and 11.

For a 4 day course students  normally reach the level between 11 and 15 (According to the wind conditions and each one’s abilities).

The main objective of Flo kite school is to teach you the basics of kiteboarding so you can be autonomous. But we also want you to have as much fun as possible, so that you will go on kiteboarding afterwards, in the best safety conditions.

Last day

Evaluation of what you have learned.

You will be given your IKO card, with the level you have reached written on it.

You will have the opportunity to buy kitesurfing equipment appropriate for beginners at the end of your course and your instructor will help you in your choices.

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