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1st step

Reserve your slot by paying the 25% deposit.

You can make it by bank transfer or we can meet.

The whole course amount will have to be paid at the start of the first lesson.

If you go for the “Discovery day”, and you think that you might continue with the “Become a kitesurfer”, in order to book the next lesson, you should plan to bring the money for the whole course as well.

Contact Us


Bring the discharge signed with you on the 1st day. You can send the student record file by email (I need to know your weight (Kg) and size (cm), to bring the correct harness’ size for you).

Lessons organization and schedule

  • The course must be completed within 2 months.
  • Lessons will be schedule when a sufficient number of students  book for a course.
  • Lessons will be confirmed 3 days before by the school
  • Exact time and place will be confirmed the day before by the school,
  • You must be able to reach the beach on your own, if you don’t have a car (or a 4X4 to reach Al Mafjar beach, or Fuwairit), please advise me, and we will see how we can arrange transport.

Cancelation and delayed lesson

On the school side

If there is no wind we will delay the course to the best next slot, agreed by both part.

On the student side

For weekend course, the dates will be agreed upon in advance. You will have the possibility to excuse yourself 1 time. The 2nd time if you cannot attend the lesson, this one will be considered as given.

If you cannot attend any scheduled lesson you should advice me at least 24h before hand. Otherwise the lesson will be considered as given.

What you need for the lesson?

  • Thin neoprene boots to fit in the kitesurfing board’s straps.
  • Wetsuit.
  • Sunglasses with leash.
  • Shorts and tee-shirt to go into the water.
  • Release of liability signed.
  • Money for the whole course, to be paid before the lesson starts.
  • Drinks, food, sun cream, and a cap.

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