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You think that it won’t be possible to fix your broken kite, lines, harness… or even your board!

FKS can fix all kind of tear and breaks on bladders, spi material or dacron material, on fibre glass, and resin…

1- Kite leading edge, and struts dacron

Fixing of tears with patch of Dacron material, for intrados and extrados, sewed.


Tear of 12cm on the leading edge







Leading edge with patch inside:     







Leading edge sewed:

After fixing the bladder is inflated to check that the shape of the leading edge (or strut) is the same as before.




2- Canopy


Fixing of tears on spi material canopy, sewed.

Sometimes when the kite fall in the water or on the ground, the kite canopy could be break in 2 pieces.

The tear could start from the leading edge until the trailing edge. If that happened do not worries, most of the time your kite will be repairable.




This fixing will not affect the shape of your kite. After fixing you will be able to enjoy your kite like before.






3- Kite Bladder

Valve leak, tear on the bladder,we can fixe almost all bladder leak.

After fixing the bladder will be inflated for 6 hours to be checked.

4- Board

Scratch on on a rock, or damage during a travel, using fiber glass and resin, your board will have a second life after its repairing.
After quotation, we will propose a cost and delivery date to fix your favorite toy , you will not miss a piece of your equipment for the next windy day.

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